Monday, March 30, 2009

Turning old furniture into something new!

Okay, so when you combine 2 adults fully furnished homes into one, it makes for a LOT of furniture. Not all of ours could fit into the house.....some is in the garage, some in closets, etc. Coincidentally, we both had the very same TV Stand. Since there is only one big screen TV in the house for the stand, the other was going to waste. It is actually a pretty nice piece of furniture, so instead of giving it away, I came up with a little idea of my own :)
Here is the TV stand before...Our guest room was lacking furniture. It only had a bed and a couple chairs in there. SO, I figured I could transform this stand into a guest bench/storage area since it was so low to the ground. All I did was purchase some foam padding and cream colored fabric from the fabric store for about $25, and I sewed a cushion for the top. Then, I took out the drawer in the middle and used that space to stack guest towels. I put magazines on the top rack for guests to browse, and then put two storage baskets (that were already in my bathroom vanity) on either side with lotions, aspirin, qtips, extra toothbrushes, etc. Lastly, I just bought a $4 wooden tray from Michael's and painted it black and put a bud vase, some books and a candle on it. Here is the tray before and after....
And here is the final product!


  1. Hi! I just found your blog through This Young House...I love everything I have seen so far, and I especially love this furniture makeover...very good ideas!

  2. Ditto what LL said. Your blog is great and you've done so many cool things. Giving new life to the tv stand was a great idea. Well done!

  3. do you happen to know what type of wood the tv stand is made of and approximatly the length width and hight of it is? plz answer back!! my email is