Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guest Room Update!

I have been wanting to make my guest room a more inviting place FOREVER. It has been a bare, cold room and I am slightly embarrassed to have my guests stay in. SO....I just used some things I had around the house and made it into a cute little room finally! I bought a duvet cover because the old comforter was very faded, and it really changed the look of the room. Here is the old room (with the extra tv stand on the side of the bed just waiting for me to make it into a bench!)Here is the new bedspread with the bed moved to the opposite wall.
And with my newly remodeled "bench" And now for the little finishing touches....A floating shelf from Ikea that Jeff already had, and black and white pics that were hanging around the house in frames already!

And when you enter the room, a clearance piece of wall art from Target ($4!)
So much better!

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