Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MORE Spring Cleaning (but in my favorite room!)

I have been without a coffee pot for almost 2 months (I know!), and a microwave for 2 years. Jeff's parents have been staying with us, so we have been using their coffee pot, and Tiay left her microwave at the house, so it has been in the LAUNDRY room so it doesn't crowd up the kitchen. Well, Patty and Joel left yesterday, and Tiay is moving in May. It was finally time to give in and purchase these two appliances. We never use a microwave because I usually cook every night, but I realized that boys need one no matter what. I had to do some counter top reorganizing (and consolidate spices so I could move my spice rack to the pantry instead), but Jeff finally got his wish and now we two matching appliances BOTH on the counter top, and BOTH that still go with our kitchen decor. Now I'm a happy camper too. We also cleaned out the fridge and went through every dressing, condiment, etc, and tossed what we don't use. We even washed the shelves! It makes such a difference to cook in an organized kitchen...
Before shots:

Lots of spices, cookbooks and olive oil to the left of the stovetop

So, I moved all the spices and oils to the pantry and the knives and cooking utensils to the left to make room for the microwave. Then had extra room for my cookbook holder. MUCH better.

AFTER shots.

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