Thursday, March 12, 2009

CRAFTS (for Auntie)

Auntie loves to see my paintings and crafts, so I figured I post my latest from last night. I fell in love with these great dog silhouette prints on (my favorite website). You can pick your dog breed and color for the background to match your decor. Only problem is, they were $20 each....and just a flimsy print. I thought it would be better to make them myself.

I bought 2 canvases at Michael's, and one tube of chocolate colored acrylic paint. I then printed out pics of a lab, and one of a boxer (these are what I used as a reference since my dogs don't sit still). I drew the outline in pencil, and now tonight I'll use the brown paint to trace and fill in the background. It should match our bedroom perfect. Lets hope they turn out ok. Here is a preview of what I've done so far...



Another thing I did last night was organize my jewelry. I got this idea from a friend, and it's a cheap way to display jewelry and fits perfectly in a standard vanity drawer. I bought a plastic organizer for nails and screws at Lowe's for $4. It has little compartments to store different hardware. See below...

So then all I had to do was untangle my jewelry, cut the separators and insert them to make small or large sections. I purged some of my old jewelry, and then divided my earrings, rings and bracelets throughout. And, since I can't sit still through an entire show...I did all this while watching American Idol- sweet!


  1. I found your blog from This Young House and I looooooove the jewelery idea!!! I swear, I'm going to Lowe's tomorrow! We just bought a house and I'm consumed with house stuff now and one of the things that was bugging me was my jewelery.

    I saw an organizer at Bed Bath & Beyond but I couldn't reconcile spending $40 - this idea is perfect!! Love it! :-) (sorry for the all the exclamation marks but I'm beyond excited to find a jewelery solution)!!! :-)

  2. Thank you soo much! I just came across them and thought it was have to pick one up!