Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My First Attempt at Tiling....

Before Jeff moved in, I lived upstairs in the Bonus Room (pics still to come). It has an adjoining bathroom upstairs which was part of the new addition to the house in the 90s, and actually has a fairly new vanity! Shocker! However, it also had a horrible plastic bath/shower combo that just HAD to go. I have always wanted a jetted tub, so I found one cheapo at Depot, and had a contractor install it and hook up the electrical. Here is what we were left with after the install:


Now the hard part, TILING! It was pretty rough, and I made it harder on myself than it needed to be. My Mom started it off and told me what to do, then I finished it and added the grout.....and left it on overnight- OOPS! So, Jeff and I spent our Friday night chipping away hardened grout off the tiles. In the end it looked great, but it could have been much easier. Word to the wise, always sponge off the grout after you apply. I've learned my lesson.


The walls were a mess afterwards, so I decided to install beadboard and found an easy click and lock plastic version that is stain resistant and not hard to install. I also painted the walls to make it a little happier and brighter in there. Here is the before and the final after shot!


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