Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Front Door Issues

Does anyone else have a front door that is painted the same color on both sides? I had that problem with our door, which was a really heinous orange/reddish color. Once we painted the great room/entryway, we were left with this lovely view....Well, this was not what I wanted to look at when I sat in my living room, so after we painted the dining room (which is located directly to the left in the pic above), I decided just to use the leftover paint from that project on the back of the front door. Here it is now (before we scraped the paint off the glass window- oops!).....still, much better huh?
And did you notice the little planter to the right in the first pic? That is a plant from my Dad's funeral (almost 2 yrs ago!) and I noticed it wasn't really matching anything anymore either. So, it got a little makeover of it's own too! Bye bye green and beige stripes, HELLO white! Spray paint to the rescue again :)

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