Thursday, September 17, 2009

Looking GOOD!

SO....after a few days of hard work, I finishing the tiling and the Grout! It wasn't easy though....the toilet actually had to be removed so that I could tile underneath it. It's not a pretty sight, but I have to share....
How about that flooring under the toilet- YES! And the pastel wallpaper? This bathroom was a gem! Honestly, this is the first toilet I've ever removed and Jeff had to help me out with this part- it's tough. I wanted to do this bathroom all by myself- but I just couldn't pick up a whole toilet alone. It wasn't fun cleaning around it, preparing for tile.....yuck.
I highly recommend strong rubber gloves at this part....and a bowl to catch the extra water when you unhook it. Even thought the water was off, it ran all night. BUT, after the tile was down, and I spread the grout (and sponged it off right away- unlike my shower a few yrs ago) it looked like this!
YAY! Next, I needed to replace the ancient light fixture. It was pretty bad.
I removed it (turning off the power first of course) and there were 3 layers of wallpaper under it! I had to remove them, then sand, and then Spackle and sand again- much better now. And with a new flat tan color on the walls to give it some warmth...
Lastly- all I needed was some accessories and the room was looking like a real bathroom finally! I wanted to keep this room neutral, since we have a lot of colors that are NOT neutral in our house.

All I need to do now is to fix the separation in the middle and put the quarter-molding on the bottom. TA DA! My first floor tiling project :)

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